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Delray Pre K

Delray Pre K

The Delray Pre K that you choose for your child is going to give your preschooler the skills they need to take with them for the rest of their educational journey. Pre-K is basically that, pre-Kindergarten, and therefore is there to begin introducing concepts they will start to put into practice the following year. This doesn’t mean that any old Delray Pre K will do. You need to make sure that the preschool your child goes to focuses on an extensive curriculum that is both enriching and fun for your child.


The goal, after all, is to begin giving preschoolers the foundation to learn how to read, write, and basic math and science skills. For example, the ways that common Pre-K curriculums go about teaching preschoolers the basics of reading is by reciting songs and rhymes, labeling objects, helping them recognize letters and their sounds, and as well as listening to read-alongs of books. This way they can start to see a pattern between the combination of certain letters and what sounds they make when they’re together. This, along with enough repetition of common words will help give them more confidence while reading.


Writing skills come with methods such as drawing, painting, and gluing, which will help enhance the motor skills needed to write, in general, as well as practiving writing letters and names. If a child is given a creative task that they think is just a game or toy, they don’t often realize it’s helping them build the foundation of writing words! Chalk, finger paint, and crayons are all tools they can use to write but also draw with. Ultimately, aren’t letters just characters that represent sound? To a child, it’s basically just a picture!


And finally, math is another important tool to teach preschoolers. Math can help them not only count an amount of objects in front of them, but it will give them the foundation to tell time, understand days of the week, and measure things. Involving a preschooler with a complicated and objective subject like math, it’s good to approach them with concepts they can understand, like counting with their fingers, counting the sides on a shape, counting as you jump or skip, etc.


If you are in need of a Delray Pre K that can offer a fun but extensive curriculum, look no further than Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy. They are one of the best preschools in Palm Beach County, so if you are looking for a safe and fun Delray Pre K for your child, call 561-865-2223 to schedule a visit today.


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