Preschool Daycare Delray Beach
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Preschool Daycare Delray Beach

Daycare and preschool programs in Delray Beach that meet the highest educational standards have lesson plans and educational standards. Daycare centers should have lesson plans that are based on different age groups. A difference of just one year can make a big difference in the understanding and academic abilities of children. If you are searching for the most reputable Preschool Daycare Delray Beach look no further than Get Ready, Set, Grow!

Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy, one of the most respected preschools and daycare centers in Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Our young students are educated with activities that are tailored to their unique developmental needs and ages.

Preschool Programs for Children Under 2

Children under 2 years of age may find it difficult to transition into a preschool program. GRSG offers a specially-designed preschool program for children under 2 years old who have never been to daycare.

It encourages comfort and familiarity as the children adjust to their new environment. In a few weeks, the goal is for children to be able to play and learn independently without any parental or guardian involvement.

This age group can participate in activities such as practicing the alphabet, simple numbering, and identifying shapes or colors.

Preschool Programs for 2 & 3-Year-Olds

Children aged 2 and 3 may find it difficult to transition into preschool. The transition can be made enjoyable and entertaining with affection, care, and attention. Every child is different and we try to meet those needs.

Our preschool programs for 2-year-olds focus on identifying numbers and letters as well as colors, shapes, and colors. Through art classes and block-building activities, 2-year-olds can also improve their fine motor skills.

The curriculum in our preschool program for 3-year-olds builds upon the learning that took place at age 2. GRSG offers activities for 3-year-olds, including introductory writing, alphabet mastery, and basic phonics.

Pre-K Programs For 4-Year-Olds

Preschool for 4-year-olds is different from daycare programs for younger kids. Pre-kindergarten is recommended for children as young as 4 years old. Pre-kindergarten programs are available in all 50 states and the federal government.

The PreK program helps students prepare for grade school. It focuses on academic foundations in math, reading, writing and writing. Students also have the opportunity to develop their emotional and social skills.

Delray Beach’s Best Daycare and Preschool Center

GRSG is a daycare and preschool that serves children in and around Delray Beach and Boca Raton. The 18,000-square-foot facility offers multiple daycare programs for children from all ages, up to the time they enter kindergarten.

Each lesson plan at GRSG follows a specific curriculum that is tailored to each child’s developmental needs and age. Call 561-865-2223 to schedule a visit and learn more about our daycare in Delray Beach.

Preschool Daycare Delray Beach

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