Pre-Kindergarten Program – Pre-K Schools

(5 full days – 9:00 to 2:30) drop-off as early as 7:30 a.m. and pick up as late as 5:30 p.m.

At Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy, an excellent pre-kindergarten program is offered to children. Of all pre k schools in Palm Beach County, Get Ready, Set, Grow proves to be the best because of the unique structure and extensive programs offered. When compared to other educational facilities that also cater to older grades, our pre-kindergarten program provides a nourishing, comfortable environment. Without the anxiety of older children in the school, pre-k students can better focus on the materials they should be aware of at their age.

Pre-Kindergarten Program in Boca Raton

The schedule for our pre-k school is set for 5 full days during the week with the beginning at 9 am and the end at 2:30 pm. Our comprehensive pre-kindergarten program has a specific curriculum that allows children to engage.

Pre-K Curriculum

The pre-kindergarten program at Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy is unique in its structure because of the student rotations to different classrooms. Each child gets to be with a qualified teacher who was specifically chosen for their expertise in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computers, and Spanish. The student rotation in our pre-kindergarten program allows for an organized, hands-on approach that can enhance each child’s learning experience. With this specialized format, our pre-k children are taught in a way that is unlike any of the other pre k schools.

Children are taught to recognize basic words, which assists them with reading simple books. This is critical for children at this age because their language and fluency will develop through the process of reading and storytelling. Learning and understanding math is just as important, which is why we put emphasis on addition, subtraction, geometry, money, telling the time, and measurement. This pre k curriculum balances the right amount of play, discovery, and participation to enrich each child’s education.

Staff at Pre-Kindergarten Program

We have excellent, professional teachers at Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy. Dedicated to helping each child reach their fullest potential, our staff is always willing to go over the subject matter and teaches pre-k lesson plans in different ways so that every child understands. From coming up with attentive lessons to providing close supervision, our teachers are passionate, personal, and equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Additional Programs for Children in Pre-K Schools

With an original format and qualified professional staff, the best pre-kindergarten program is offered at Get Ready, Set, Grow. In addition to this, we also offer the Year Round Extended Day Program for families who wish to drop their children off as early as 7:30 am and pick their children up as late as 5:30 pm. This is a year-round program with spring and summer camp also included as an option for child care.