Pre-K Program Delray Beach
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Pre-K Program Delray Beach

When it comes to early childhood education, one name that stands out is Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy. Our Pre-K Program in Delray Beach is designed to equip your child with the essential skills and knowledge needed for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Here, we delve into why our pre-k program sets the gold standard for early education.

What Sets Our Pre-K Program in Delray Beach Apart?

Structured Learning Environment: At Get Ready, Set, Grow, we believe in a balanced approach to learning. Our classroom rotation method allows your child to experience specialized instruction in mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies, among others.

Core Focus Areas in Our Curriculum

  • Mathematics: Learning addition, subtraction, and basic geometry
  • Science: Experiments and observations encourage a love for the natural world
  • Language Arts: Recognizing sight words to bolster early reading skills
  • Social Studies: Cultivating awareness and understanding of the community and the world at large

The Value of Multi-Disciplinary Education

Multi-disciplinary education equips pre-k children to be well-rounded individuals. The classroom rotation strategy allows each teacher to apply their specialized training in environments that best suit these academic domains. This way, your child gains a comprehensive education that covers all bases.

Extended Daycare Options: Beyond the Classroom

Not only does our Pre-K Program in Delray Beach excel in academic offerings, but we also provide extended daycare options tailored for busy parents. Our Extended Day Program allows you the flexibility of dropping off your child as early as 7:30 am and picking them up as late as 5:30 pm.

Additional Enrichment Activities

During extended daycare hours, children are engaged in:

  • Educational Games: To stimulate their cognitive abilities
  • Art: To foster creativity
  • Soccer: For physical development
  • Science: To deepen their academic grasp

Why Choose Get Ready, Set, Grow?

  • Holistic Education: Our Pre-K Program in Delray Beach integrates academics and extracurricular activities in a balanced manner.
  • Flexible Timing: Early drop-offs and late pick-ups are facilitated for working parents.
  • Safe Environment: Our campus has secure, supervised play areas for your child’s well-being.

Take the Next Step in Your Child’s Education Journey

If you’re seeking a Pre-K Program in Delray Beach that offers a perfect blend of academic rigor, flexible timing, and a nurturing environment, look no further than Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy. Give us a call today to discuss how we can tailor our program to meet your child’s individual needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to set the foundation for your child’s academic success. Reach out to us and let’s start building a brighter future, one learning milestone at a time.

Pre-K Program Delray Beach

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