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What Sets Us Apart From Other Boca Raton Preschool Centers

Among Delray Beach and Boca Raton preschool centers, Get Ready Set Grow has distinguished itself as the number one choice in academics, extracurriculars, and facilities. Our families know us not just as a school, but as a community and support system. We have an amazing staff who dedicate their lives to educating children and instilling work ethic and self-confidence. Here are just a few additional ways GRSG goes above and beyond to provide you and your child with the best preschool experience possible. 


Secure and Beautiful Facility


Get Ready Set Grow is located on multiple acres bordering Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Our entire property is walled and securely gated to ensure that the only people inside are approved and there to enrich your child’s day. We also have a licensed security guard on-site and 24/7 security cameras. Safety is always at the forefront of everything we do, but we also designed our facility for maximum learning and fun!

Our classrooms and hallways are bright and colorful, making even class changes engaging and keeping students excited to start their day with us. We specifically pick each paint color and piece of decor to accomplish our goals of creating a safe and playful learning environment. Our beautiful playgrounds are secure and padded while still being adventurous enough to evoke real play. Your child will never run out of things to explore and you will never have to worry if GRSG is doing everything possible to ensure their safety. 


Special Events

We hold multiple schoolwide and age-specific special events throughout the school year. This gives children something to work towards and look forward to. It also provides us a great opportunity to get the parents, siblings, grandparents, and guardians involved. One event that we hold every year (and near and dear to our hearts) is the Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. We love celebrating our 4-year-olds as they move from preschool to kindergarten. Graduation allows us the time to acknowledge their accomplishments and reflect on all the amazing memories we’ve made. 

We also have events that use fun to help make the Curriculum memorable. For example, we celebrate the letter ‘P’ with Pirate Day! Dr. Suess week allows us to be silly and make reading even more exciting. These events create lasting memories that your family will cherish and instill a love of learning in your children that will carry through for the rest of their school careers. 


Parental Support

Our GRSG parents and guardians are just as important to us as your children. We do everything in our power to accommodate your schedule and make sure you always feel fully in the loop about your child’s education. This begins with our administrative staff, who is always on hand to help answer questions or address concerns. Our teachers are also highly communicative, and you’ll receive frequent updates on the class’s progress and your child’s specific developments. 

We also offer extended hours to help accommodate even the most hectic of schedules. With drop-off as early as 7 am and pickups as late as 6, you can rest assured that you will always have a caring set of helping hands to look after your little one. 


Get Ready Set Grow is proud to hold such a prominent place among Delray Beach and Boca Raton preschool centers and in our families’ lives. Contact us to set up a tour, so you can see the magic of GRSG for yourself!

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