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Advantages Of Enrolling Your Child In Our Daycare Delray Beach Center

There are numerous advantages to all families to expect when a child attends a Delray Beach daycare learning center such as Get Ready, Set, Grow, Academy. The daycare and preschool programs we offer are specifically designed to be engaging and academically educational for young children in order to encourage rapid growth during this crucial developmental time.

Any student’s day-to-day progress while they are in an exceptional preschool can translate to various other benefits, both at home and in their academic future. For these reasons, parents are committing more often than ever to investing in a high-quality preschool education.

Below we’ll explore some of the biggest benefits that you can expect by enlisting your child into a quality preschool and daycare program. To learn more about what sets Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy apart and why we are regarded as a top preschool and daycare center in Delray Beach and beyond, fill out our contact form or call 561-865-2223 to schedule a tour of our facility.

Advantages Of Enrolling Your Child In Our Preschool Daycare Center

A recent study from NICHD offers evidence that kids who attend “high-quality” preschool and daycare learning centers are able to gain a stronger vocabulary than children who do not. In addition, the children that enter the 5th grade after attending a “high-quality” preschool program have shown to enhance their behavioral patterns by comparison to those who don’t.

Stronger Social Skills

Learning how to navigate social situations, both with and without parents around, is one of the strongest gains of attending a Delray Beach daycare center like Get Ready, Set, Grow. The ability to interact with other children in a safe setting enables them to engage socially and strengthen their current and future sociability. 

The behavioral benefits are a powerful option to prepare children to interact with others throughout their young and adult life. By sharpening their social skills and adapting to a fun daycare and preschool learning program, children are also able to better prepare for primary grade school, gain friends, and learn respect for those around them.

Academic Preparation

Enrolling children in a daycare preschool program does not mean having children study for hours and hours. On the contrary, it is an enjoyable time that helps to develop the minds of those moving toward the future. 

That said, there are significant academic advantages that students of preschool daycare learning centers are able to gain.

In an NICHD study, researchers concluded that:

“The latest results from the long-running U.S. National Institutes of Health study show children in high-quality childcare scored slightly higher on measures of academic and cognitive achievement years later as teenagers.”

Another notable finding of the report is that students who attended preschool daycare programs were less likely to act out compared to children who went to lower-quality daycare programs. It’s very important to point out that both studies emphasize how important attending a “high-quality” preschool day care is. 

Get Ready, Set, Grow For Your Delray Beach Daycare Program

Get Ready, Set, Grow has held the reputation as one of the best daycares in the Delray Beach and Boca Raton area for three decades. We pay special attention to every student and help take them to grow from one development stage to the next. 

To learn more, please call 561-865-2223 or fill out our contact form today!

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