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What Makes An Amazing Boca Raton Daycare Center

A parent’s goal is always to make the best decision for their children’s present and future. Although you may think that major education decisions only begin at kindergarten, the preschool your child attends will have a major impact on them long term. Get Ready Set Grow (GRSG) Preschool and Boca Raton daycare center takes a top-down approach to early childhood education, incorporating learning, play, and curiosity into every aspect of what we do. Read on to see why GRSG can help your child achieve their developmental milestone, have confidence, and reach for the stars!


Superb staff

GRSG is lucky to have the most highly trained, caring, and fun staff around! Both our administrative and teaching teams are dedicated to the wellbeing and education of your children. We work hard to make the most out of every moment with your child and tailor everything, from the way our school is laid out to how we interact with your children, to help them reach milestones and feel good about their accomplishments. We also pride ourselves on our superb relationship with our GRSG families. You will always have access to our staff for questions and be fully informed about your child’s time with us. 


Comprehensive Curriculum

We split up our preschool curriculum by age. This is because your child goes through so many developmental milestones in the years before kindergarten that the unique needs of each age group are different. We make sure that our plans meet and exceed recommendations for Palm Beach County preschools. It starts with our Great Beginnings program for children a year or younger and continues all the way up to the Pre-Kindergarten program for 4 and 5-year-olds. 

In all stages, we will build on skills such as the alphabet, colors and shapes, telling time, recognizing words, and simple math. These concepts will be introduced slowly and incorporated into various aspects of your child’s day to create a fully immersive learning experience without them even noticing it! We also realize the importance of developing abilities outside the realm of education. Our teachers will make sure that your children work on motor, social, and self-awareness skills in addition to the core curriculum. 


Engaging Special Activities

In both our preschool and daycare programs, we offer “specials” to help keep kids engaged and excited about their days at Get Ready Set Grow! Options for daycare include art, soccer, computer, and science. And our preschoolers will rotate through yoga, music, sports, martial, arts, dance, and foreign language classes! This not only helps your little one acquire new skills, but it also gives them something new to look forward to each week. 

Safety and Security

Our facility is conveniently located right on the Boca Raton/ Delray border and is kept as safe and secure as possible. You’ll immediately notice that our entire four and a half acre property is securely gated.  We also have a security guard on-premise and 24-hour video surveillance. We have strict pick-up and drop-off policies to ensure that only authorized personnel are on the property and make sure your kiddo gets home safely every day.  Our teachers and staff are also first aid and CPR certified and are trained and equipped with an immediate response panic device for swift law enforcement intervention if needed. All this, along with our safety- forward design and regular fire/ emergency drills ensure that you will not have to worry about the wellbeing of your kiddo when they are at Get Ready Set Grow. 


As you can see, we leave no stone left unturned when it comes to providing your children with the most effective, fun and safe learning environment. The skills they develop and the relationships they build at GRSG will not only give them an advantage when entering elementary school but for the rest of their lives. Virtually browse our facility and contact us to see how you and your child can become a part of the Get Ready Set Grow family!

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Boca Raton Daycare Center

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