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The Top Delray Beach Preschool

Any parent can be wary when deciding to send their son or daughter to preschool. You are trusting the wellbeing and growth of your baby to someone other than yourself. But there are so many benefits for you and your child that make a respected preschool very worth considering. Get Ready Set Grow Academy (GRSG) has emerged as a top Delray Beach preschool because we operate with two core values in mind. The first is that we do everything with the intention of nurturing your child’s happy development. The second is that we always want our parents and guardians to feel as comfortable and informed about their child’s day with us as possible. Here are some of the ways that we incorporate these principles into our every day at GRSG. 


Safety First

We know that the first step in creating a great preschool experience for your toddler is gaining your trust when it comes to their safety. Get Ready Set Grow takes every precaution to ensure this. We begin with a 4 1/2 acre fully fenced property. Not only do we have a monitored gate, but there is also a licensed security guard on-site at all times. We also employ a video surveillance network and a secure entry system to access classrooms.  Educators are also highly trained to ensure any emergency is met with calm and expertise. Every teacher is trained and supplied with an immediate response panic device. Our staff is CPR ad first aid certified as well. 


We also take serious precautions when it comes to who is employed and allowed access to Get Ready Set Grow. All personnel undergo federal state and local law enforcement screenings.  Our gate system is highly monitored and we have strict pickup and dropoff rules to ensure that your child makes the journey back home to you safely every day. 


Learning Through Play

Everything that we do at GRSG is focused on helping your child have the happiest and most educational day possible. We incorporate learning into everything we do. But don’t think that means we don’t have any fun- it’s exactly the opposite! We know that there are valuable lessons to be learned in everything from play, to meals, to the transitions between lessons. We are always looking for an exciting way to incorporate new concepts, skills, and vocabulary in a way that feels more like discovering than learning.  


Enrichment Programs

GRSG makes incorporating fun and active after school enrichment classes into your day easy! We offer a variety of group classes in time slots of 12:30 to 1:15 or 2:30 to 3:15. They are aimed at building teamwork and confidence, getting active physically and mentally, and developing new hobbies that could lead to passions. Classes you can choose include:


  • Dance
  • Soccer
  • Pre- School Picasso’s
  • Computers – ABC Mouse
  • Karate
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Kidokinetics

We can also discuss tutoring sessions upon request!


The Get Ready Set Grow Promise

We promise to never compromise when it comes to providing the most nurturing environment for your child possible. We promise to not only work on expanding your child’s knowledge but to support their passions, build their confidence, and facilitate habits that will build a lifelong learning foundation. We promise to put safety at the forefront of everything we do, while also being the funniest bunch of educators in South Florida! Contact us today to see why Get Ready Set Grow is the top Delray Beach Preschool, but also much more than that!

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Top Delray Beach Preschool

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