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Safest Daycare – GRSG!

Safest Daycare  – GRSG!

Those who strive to be the safest Daycare have to keep many things in mind in order to keep parents at ease while also providing an enriching environment for children. While as educators, or even parents, we want to see children explore and encourage their curiosity, there are many things that are harmful to them. These harmful things range in severity, but a lot of them are in the control of the ones caring for them and should therefore be addressed in order to make their environment the safest Daycare.


We should remember that toddlers and preschoolers are quite small, so getting on their eye level while inspecting the area they will be in is a great start to finding potential hazards. Things that an adult is normally wary of don’t come second nature to youngsters quite yet, which is why we should cover electrical outlets, lock cabinets with harmful chemicals in them, and store away breakable objects or put them somewhere high up where they can’t reach.


Even arranging a space is key to the safety of children. For example, if a space is wide enough, they might want to run around it, so making appropriate spaces and arranging shelves to divide learning areas from play areas is a good idea. Basically, there shouldn’t be too many long and open aisles that could inspire them to run back and forth from them. Alternatively, objects such as toys and drawing tools that are safe for them should be in an accessible area for them. As previously mentioned, children are quite small, so their storage areas might be lower to the ground that ours. Depending on the age of the child, the toys aren’t recommended to be smaller than something that can fit in their mouths and throats. This will prevent avoidable choking hazards from occurring.


While having a space that is age-appropriate is extremely important, you should also be aware of other factors in order to ensure the facility itself is up-to-date with the Safest Daycare standards. Thai includes having a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installed, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, door knob covers, thermometers, safety gates where appropriate, and corner guards. Having all the necessary cleaning supplies to keep the areas clean and disinfected also affect the health and wellness of children, so it’s just as important to have hand sanitizer, brooms and dustpans, vacuums, hand soap, mops, sponges, cleaning sprays, and disinfecting wipes.


Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy is prepared to offer the Safest Daycare for your child, so be sure to call 561-865-2223 for any inquiries or to schedule a tour today.


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