Preschool Day Care Centers

Reasons To Consider Preschool Day Care Centers

Busy parents should consider preschool day care centers for their children. The early years of childhood development require constant attention. Although relatives can care for kids, they do not offer the same educational benefits as preschool daycare programs.

If you are considering a quality preschool in Boca Raton, Get Ready, Set, Grow is your best choice. We are a top-rated preschool that offers year-round extended care. Your children will receive attention while developing important academic and personal skills.

Continue reading to learn more about what our early learning center offers. If you have any further questions, be sure to contact Get Ready, Set Grow directly. 

A Flexible Preschool Daycare

Get Ready, Set, Grow understands the busy lives parents may have. Keeping this in mind, we offer a flexible schedule. Parents or guardians can drop their children off as early as seven in the morning and pick them up as late as 6:00 in the evening. Parents can fulfill their responsibilities and pick up their kids at a reasonable time. 

We offer a wide range of quality programs that have made us one of the top preschool day care centers in the Palm Beach community. Young children of any age have the opportunity to receive the right care for their needs. 

Get Ready, Set, Grow understands that every child has unique needs based on their age. Our specialized care is designed to give children the attention they need every day of the week. Our programs are designed for children from two years old, three years old, under 2s, and Pre-Kindergarten programs as well as year-round extended care. 

Advantages Of Our Preschool Full Care Program

Before the day even starts, the Get Ready, Set, Grow team has already designed a solid plan of engaging activities for our students. Your children will be able to draw in our art center, play in our big bus, and develop their creativity at the Lego table. Our facility is designed to help children develop their motor, spatial, and social skills while having fun. 

When the normal day ends at 2:30 P.M., Get Ready, Set, Grow offers more activities that keep kids engaged and learning. We offer snacks to the children before they go outside to play in the playground. Physical activity is an important component of early childhood development. The best way to do this is with outdoor play. 

Creativity is an incredibly important part of young childhood development. We offer a number of creative outlets beyond what’s available at typical preschool day care centers. Many of the children in our care may even find lifelong hobbies from creative outlets. 

Choose One Of The Top Preschool Day Care Programs In Boca Raton

Get Ready, Set, Grow recognizes that just because you are a busy parent does not mean your child’s care should be put on hold. Our programs will care for your children while promoting their early childhood development at a pace that is best for them.

The dedication and expertise of our passionate staff have set us apart from other preschool daycare programs in Palm Beach County. Please contact Get Ready, Set, Grow directly at 561-865-2223 to learn more and give your child the top care available.  

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Preschool Day Care Centers

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