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Delray Childcare Services with GSRG

Delray Childcare Services with GSRG

Get Ready Set Grow Academy is the top provider of Delray Childcare services in the city! Even though we are known as the Delray childcare services center, parents from all over palm beach bring their young ones here for our quality of care! We have such high standards for our facility because there’s nothing more important than the development and safety of your children. GSRG’s Childcare services in Palm Beach are also well known for our enriching and engaging programs for toddlers of different ages.

Of course, parents and their kids have varying needs, and we offer multiple programs to fit different situations. We try to take into consideration not just the parent’s schedule and timing, but what the child’s experience is. Many kids have never been to preschool or daycare at all, and we want to ensure their transition goes smoothly. New children, returning children, all are welcome to enjoy the experience of being at GSRG Academy

Just like we accept and work with both new and daycare-ready children, also work with kids of various ages as well. In fact, we have designed programs around the different ages and development as well as taking skill level into consideration. We desire to give the children a helping hand in grasping the value of numbers while still giving them a fun environment to learn. Social development is just as important as academic development and we have a mix of both single and group activities to help engage the children, while also giving them space to be themselves when needed.

One example is our three-year-old program. during this program, the curriculum consists of helping them understand and identify letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. We will assist them with reciting the alphabet, identifying the difference between upper and lower case letters, and even help them understand the sounds of each letter.

As stated earlier we offer various Delray Childcare services for kids of differing ages and skills.  We are of great benefit to working parents as we can offer extended hours to morning and afternoon to give them more options. We have a great summer and spring program as well. We know that safety and security is your number one priority, which is why we take pride in our security measures, such as security guard on the premises, video surveillance of perimeter and entrances, first aid and CPR trained staff, telephones in each classroom, and regular fire drills. If you have any questions call us at 561-865-2223.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we greatly encourage you to come on in and see for yourself why GSRG is the place to be! For more information, or to schedule an appointment please call: 561-865-2223

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