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Daycare in Palm Beach County

Daycare in Palm Beach County

Get Ready set Grow academy offers Daycare in Palm Beach County, located in Del Ray on the Border of Boca Raton Florida. Many parents from all over the county utilize our Daycare services because they know we’re the best there is!

More than just a place to leave your kid during a busy day, GSRG is the premier Pre-K and Daycare in Palm Beach County. That’s because our highly trained staff and well-crafted curriculums are geared towards helping your kids develop and grow into amazing people. No part of our service, and no program has gone without a scrutinous level of planning. Everything we are and do, from the toys we have- to the books the children read, even down to how we’ve chosen to color the walls, as planned and arranged to provide the best environment your kids could learn in. Our Location is designed from the ground up to be the perfect location for childhood education

With our high reputation and amazing standards then, it is no wonder Parents from all over Palm Beach County, but mostly within Boca and Del Ray, choose our Daycare Facility over options that might be closer. What could be more imperative than the growth, safety, care,  development and overall well-being your children receive. We are located right on the border of both the aforementioned cities, technically situated in Del Ray.

Speaking of the daycare facility itself- there is no safer place in the world your children could be during their pre-school or daycare hours. Our super-secure 18,000 Square foot building is constructed on a 4.5 acre securely gated perimeter. We have Security guards on-site, and every single classroom has its own gated patio. Our entire staff is equipped with remote panic devices, and are all trained in First aid and CPR. We run regular fire drills to maintain an orderly and safe exit during a crisis, and there is 24/7 video surveillance of the property so we are always keeping a safe eye on the most precious thing in the world, your children.

We know that you want the best in the world for your children, and we want that for you and them! We know if you stop in for a tour of our daycare facility you’ll see very quickly that shines through in every aspect of our Facility. Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy offers nothing short of the best- from our wonderful staff to our Safe security, and of course the amazing high-quality Classes and Curriculum we offer all in a clean positive nurturing environment. For more information call: 561-865-2223; Or come into our location today! We can’t wait to meet you!

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