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Daycare for Boca Raton Students

Daycare for Boca Raton Students

Looking for a good Daycare for Boca Raton students which offers early learning and Pre-K too? Check our Get Ready Set Grow!

We offer the most fulfilling and enriching early childhood learning and daycare programs available in the county of Palm Beach. In fact, many parents go out of their way to come from Delray and Boynton beach too in order to have their kids attend our incredible facility. We pride ourselves on the wonderful environment we’ve built for kids under the age of 5 years, and how well we’re able to help them in their crucial developmental years Some of the approaches we have to include introducing young children to simpler word concepts to begin teaching reading fundamentals. For math we make sure to introduce them to early forms of addition, subtraction, geometry, money, telling time, and measurement so that children begin to get a grasp on the important subject of mathematics.

Pre-K is so important because of the critical time period that exists leading up to Kindergarten. We don’t just employ counselors, our teachers are actually specialized in educating children in particular academic areas.  This ensures that this critical learning period is given the opportunity to really allow your children o learn, and grow. GRSG uses a rotation system so that individuals and small groups of kids get a chance to learn with more direct attention to their individual needs. This allows for an organized, hands-on approach that can enhance each child’s learning experience. With this specialized format, our pre-k children are taught in a way that is unlike any of the other Boca Raton childcare.

We really strive to continue to grow our reputation as the premier daycare center in Palm Beach County. Don’t forget to ask about the extended stat, and early drop-off options For parents who work especially for single parents or dual-working couples, this program can be very helpful. These programs act as an extension to our full-day program that dismisses at 2:30 P.M. That way your child can be dropped off as early as 7am and picked up as late as 6pm which should be very helpful for people who lead busy lifestyles. You can rest assured that your child can be cared for while you’re at work, but you can also rest easy knowing that they are being engaged with a variety of fun and educational activities. matter what your schedule is like, this Boca Raton childcare is a great fit for your family.

If you would like to get started on further progressing your child’s education, call us with any questions or to schedule a tour of the facility at…

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