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Daycare Facility in Boca and Delray

Daycare Facility in Boca and Delray

We know how difficult it can be to locate that perfect Daycare Facility in Boca and Delray.  At Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy, our highly trained staff provide an environment that is constructive for children of various ages.  We like to think we are not comparable to any other Daycare Facility in Boca and Delray. the GSRG staff desires to help the children who’s parents have entrusted to us to learn to be truly independent.

We help the children develop a strong sense of self-confidence, and acquire the learning skills they will need to help them for years to come with their social and academic lives.  Our curriculum is designed to be embedded in every activity the children partake in. Detailed and careful planning has gone into every aspect of what we do, from the toys we have- to the books the children read, even down to how we’ve chosen to color the walls.  Everything is done to promote the most positive learning environment for the children who attend.

Even though our Facility is technically located in Del Ray Beach, we are still the best choice if you are looking for a Daycare Facility in Boca and Delray. Transportation is not an issue for parents in these cities because GSRG is located right on the border of Boca Raton, and Delray beach.

Speaking of the facility itself- we have the safest most secure Childcare Location in Palm Beach County, not just Delray or Boca. Our super-secure 18,000 Square foot building is constructed on a 4.5 acre securely gated perimeter. We have Security guards on-site, and every single classroom has its own gated patio. Our entire staff is equipped with remote panic devices, and are all trained in First aid and CPR. We run regular fire drills to maintain an orderly and safe exit during a crisis, and there is 24/7 video surveillance of the property so we are always keeping a safe eye on the most precious thing in the world, your children.

Our Daycare Center in Boca Raton / Delray offers a number of programs including:

  • Under 2
  • 2 Year olds
  • 3 Year olds
  • Pre Kindergarten
  • Early Drop-Off
  • Extended Day
  • Year-Round Extended Care
  • Great Beginnings: Mommy and Me! Classes
  • Summer Camp in Boca Raon!

Come on in today for a tour, or call GSRG to speak to one of our stafffor more information!

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