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Daycare and Preschool in Palm Beach

Daycare and Preschool in Palm Beach

Get ready Set Grow offers highly rated, safe, and fun educational and entertaining environments at our location for Daycare and Preschool in Palm Beach county. It is important to be aware of the highly specific circumstances regarding how Novel Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has affected and impacted the working and education communities here in Palm beach county. When the state first entered a “State of Emergency” Palm beach county shut down all Brick and Motor, or physical locations, for school and many locations where the parents earn their living. Students were sent home to learn remotely from computers while many parents either had to work from home or accept temporary unemployment. Daycare and Preschool centers in palm beach shut down for the most part as well, which made it so the few parents who were considered essential employment, were faced with new channelings getting to work, and ensuring the safety and well being of their children throughout the workweek simultaneously.

Now, palm beach county is getting ready to enter “Phase 1” reopening procedures. This means many of our brick and mortar schools will be reopening and allowing students and teachers to return to semi-normal in-person classes. This also affects many workers, who are now going to be returning to a normal work schedule. Many parents are going to see that they very quickly will need to find a reputable Daycare and Preschool in Palm Beach County. Get Ready, Set, Grow! Academy in Delray beach offers both daycare and preschool services. We have these services for a varierty of different ages, through a series of different daycare programs.

Our programs include:

We also offer programs for 1-year-olds and younger through our “Great Beginnings” transitional programs. We combine arts, crafts, and education in subjects such as reading, shapes, colors, letters, and math. We have been serving the palm beach county community for over 25 years. For more info on our amazing services, or to meet or highly qualified or friendly staff, please call or come in for a tour!

Get Ready Set Grow Academy- South Florida’s Premier Daycare and Learning Center! 561-865-2223

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