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What To Know About Get Ready Set Grow’s Year-Round Extended Care Program

Children need undivided attention during their early years. If parents in Boca Raton or Delray Beach are busy at work, a preschool would be the best option. Having relatives take care of children can be the least expensive option, but it does not provide the same educational opportunity as a preschool. Get Ready Set Grow is a preschool in Boca Raton with a year-round extended care program that provides parents with a place where their children can rapidly develop their full range of skills such as social and motor function skills. There are many benefits to our program to allow the best care for your child during their most important years.

The Best Daycare in Palm Beach Provides The Most Coverage

The flexibility of our schedule allows a parent or guardian to drop-off as early as 7:00 a.m. and pick up as late as 6:00 p.m. This offers parents the flexibility to live their lives and still be able to pick their child up at a reasonable time. These hours are offered 12 months a year, so any seasonal changes in schedules can be accommodated as well.

Our Boca Raton and Delray Beach educational programs include programs for two year olds, three year olds, under 2s, Pre-K programs, and Year Round Extended Care Program. This means that children of any age can receive specific care for their specific needs. This is especially important for children because the difference in ages is much more pronounced. Every child requires different needs and our specialized care makes sure they get the right kind of attention they need every single day of the week.

The Benefits of Our Full Care Program

At the start of the day during pre-hours, our well-trained staff has planned activities to get your child engaged from the moment they arrive. The children draw in our art center, play in our big bus, and learn to build at the Lego table. The centers are designed to allow the children to work on their different spatial and motor skills in a fun learning environment.

After the normal day dismisses at 2:30 P.M, there are activities available to allow children to continue engaging and learning. Snacks are provided before the children go outside to the playground. Being active is also another important part of growing as a child, and in recognizing this we make sure they are given plenty of time to stretch out and move. We offer art and other creative outlets to help the children find their hobby early on in life. We understand that despite holding a full-time job, a parent cannot put their child’s care on hold. We take care of them and help them grow at the pace they require. Get Ready Set Grow is one of the best daycares in the Palm Beach County for this reason. Call us at 561-865-2223 to get your child to the right place.

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