Delray Beach Preschool Facility

What Separates Get Ready Set Grow From Other Boca Raton Daycares?

With so many subpar preschools in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, It’s important to find the best one for your child. Parents want to find the one that presents the most opportunity to learn and grow. A major part of the quality of a preschool is the environment that the children are in. The clear choice is Get Ready Set Grow and their amazing staff. The facility at Get Ready Set Grow is 18,000 square feet with all of our space designed specifically for creating the best daycare in Boca Raton.

How a Facility Promotes the Best Learning

Our facility is designed to make sure that all children are safe while in our care. A secure gated entrance and video surveillance keep track of the persons who enter. We ensure that your children are safe every single day while in our care. Because different aged children are in different stages of their development, the type of learning they benefit from varies. There are separate classrooms for each age group. Each classroom has its own covered and gated patio along with 3 large indoor playrooms to keep kids entertained all day long. Other wonderful areas include a media center where we teach computers, a cozy library for reading, and a colorful art room to promote creativity.

Get Ready Set Grow strives to provide children with the best imaginable education. Our teachers work with your children hands on to give them the individualized education they deserve. Every class size is small to ensure each child is being tended to and is actively learning every day. Get Ready Set Grow offers a wide range of educational programs for children of ages ranging from younger than one and beyond. We ensure every child that comes to us will be more than prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Special Events at Our Boca Daycare

Another part of our daycare that separates our experiences from others is the special events we hold. The Trick or Trunk event during Halloween is a carnival which takes place in our parking lot. A petting zoo, hayrides, food, and a safer form of trick or treating are available. Costumes and decorations are welcome. This is a great way for families to meet others. Other events include the winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, and other events like Dr. Seuss Week.

Get Ready Set Grow is distinctive because of this extra emphasis on the promotion of education. Anyone looking for the best daycare in Boca Raton will want to call us now at 561-865-2223 to learn more about how we can benefit their child’s growth.

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