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The Importance of Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are programs that support learning and individualized strengths. Core subjects such as math and reading are important to build a strong base for every child’s education, but the enrichment activities and extracurriculars may be where your child shines. Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy puts a major emphasis on our enrichment programs and we want you to understand why. Let’s explore the benefits of enrichment classes.

Spark a Lifelong Passion

The various enrichment programs offered at Get Ready, Set, Grow are diverse in nature. We believe in introducing children to a variety of sports, languages, and creative activities so they can explore possible talents and passions. An introduction to dance or art at a young age may spark an interest that follows your child through their life. Through our programs, they may learn to love dance, art, or technology. Additionally, an activity or subject that a child enjoys may get them excited for learning in general.

Provide a Creative Outlet

For some children, their enrichment program may be a healthy outlet for anger or frustration. Parents always do their best to protect children from fights, anger, and difficult situations. However, the reality is that sometimes children do have to deal with real-life problems. The divorce of parents or loss of a family member can be very difficult for children and in some cases, an enrichment program can be an outlet for their emotions. Painting and writing allow children to put their feelings and thoughts on paper, helping both the parents and the child understand what they are going through. During soccer, a child can kick a ball instead of something else to get out their anger. It is never too early to learn coping mechanisms.

Embrace your Active Child

Some children are simply full of energy and a little extra movement will help wear them out. Sign your child up for soccer, karate, or dance to give them an appropriate venue for their high energy levels. Even just an extra hour per day running around could allow your child to focus better the rest of the day.

Develop Skills for Life

Some of the skills learned in an enrichment class will carry a child through their life. Sign your child up for Handwriting Without Tears and one day he or she could become a doctor with the best handwriting a nurse has ever seen. Handwriting is vital not just for school, but throughout life. Computer skills have also become vital in our day and age. Starting young will give your child a base for developing skills that will help them succeed in their education and careers. Even sports like soccer teach teamwork, a vital skill employers want to see in their candidates. It is clear that enrichment programs will have a massive benefit in the lives of the children enrolled.

Enrichment Programs Offered at Get Ready, Set, Grow:

  • Dance
  • Soccer
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Karate
  • Handwriting
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Kidokinetics
  • Tutoring

Give your kid the opportunity to develop valuable skills, work out their energy or anger, and develop a lifelong passion. Sign your kid up for an enrichment class at one of the best preschools in Delray Beach. With a facility equipped for every activity, our preschool is just the place for your child to Get Ready, Set, Grow!

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