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Enroll Your Child Under 2 in Preschool

Enrolling a child under 2 years old into preschool or daycare for the first time is exciting when you understand the process and goals of the program. At Get Ready, Set, Grow, it is our goal to create an experience that is positive and enriching for parents and children alike. Regardless of whether you are weaning your child into preschool by choice or need, it has to be done properly. Our certified caretakers and teachers are trained to make daycare a beneficial experience for both the child and the parents. Let’s take a look at how our Under 2 program works and what the benefits are.

A Smooth Transition to Preschool

Many children are enrolled in daycare or preschool from a very young age, but there is no need for you or your child to jump into a preschool program. At Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy, our under 2-year-old program incorporates parents into the transition. For the first month, the parents and children come in for an hour and a half, two days a week and participate in our activities together. After the first month has passed, and both the child and parents are generally comfortable with the center and routine, the parents stop participating and the child stays an extra hour. As the child gets more comfortable, the parents may add days each week for the child to come in.

Developing Routines

Routines are shown to be extremely beneficial to children in developing positive behaviors. Attending daycare adds structure to a child’s life by requiring them to wake up and be at the center at a certain time and leave for their home by a certain time. Also, while at daycare they may follow a specific schedule of activities. These routines will prepare your child for other schedules they will have to follow later in life including school and work.

Excel Academically

Children are able to learn a great deal more while they are young, contrary to what some people think. Even at the age of 18 months, children are absorbing a great deal of information from their surroundings. Building basic skills such as identifying shapes and reciting the alphabet will give children a strong foundation for the rest of their academic career. Our preschool center is one of the largest in the area and has every educational toy and learning tool you could think of. Just a few hours a day of academic focus will help your child excel in their math and reading skills.

Develop Social Skills

At such a young age, children are really just starting to develop their social and emotional skills. Between 1 and 2 years old, children have recently learned how to walk and talk on their own. Now they have to begin the process of honing these skills in complex social interactions. At preschool, children are able to interact with each other in a safe space and develop social skills such as sharing and helping. The children will also develop healthy relationships with authority by interacting with the teachers.

Build Independence

From conception, babies are dependant on their parents. However, weaning this dependence and being able to function on their own is a vital part of growing up. By the end of our under 2 years program, children will be able to play with confidence even though their main caregiver is not present.

Understanding the benefits of a preschool program for children under 2 years old will get you pumped as a parent. Choosing to enroll your child early and picking the perfect center might just be the best thing you can do for them. Our program allows your child to start the transition to kindergarten, develop a routine, get an academic head start, develop social skills, and build independence before they even turn 2. Now that you are ready to take this adventure with your child, schedule a visit of Get Ready, Set Grow Academy by giving us a call at (561) 349-4651.

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