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Summer Camp in 2022

Summercamp for 2022

Summercamp for 2022

Summer is right around the corner and there is no better time then to enroll yoru kids in Summercamp for 2022 with GRSG!

The Kids are excited to play in the sun, but many parents are looking into summer child care to ensure their children are not just having fun but also supplementing their education. Even children as young as two or three years old can benefit from preparation for what’s to come for them in the following years. Learning about shapes, colors, numbers, and letters is crucial at a young age, and who better to do it than people who are trained educators? Summer child care doesn’t have to be all learning either. Your kids can learn social skills along with having a fantastic time playing games in a roomy and comfortable environment.

Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy is such a place, where you don’t have to sacrifice your kids having fun during summer by placing them in a learning environment. Some parents’ major concerns also revolve around how safe the institutions they enroll their kids in. Rest assured, our campus is situated on 4 ½ acres with a secure gated entrance and video surveillance.

The security measures we take at Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy include:

  • Security Guard on-premises
  • Every teacher has been professionally trained and is equipped with an Immediate Response Panic Device for immediate police response
  • Our staff is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Secure perimeter fence around the entire school
  • Video surveillance of the perimeter and all entrances to the building
  • Secure entry system to classroom areas
  • Strict drop-off and pick-up policies and procedures
  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement screening of all personnel
  • Telephones in each classroom, in addition to a public address/intercom system
  • Fire drills are held on a regular basis to familiarize students and staff with safe exit routes and procedures

We also pride ourselves in having classrooms designed specifically for creative and curious children. Our classrooms are organized into grade level suites with each classroom having its own covered and gated patio. There are 3 large indoor playrooms, a multipurpose room and a media center with a computer lab, a cozy library, and a colorful art room. We have three separate covered, UV protected playgrounds with rubber play surfaces for each grade level. We strive to ensure that your child will not be safe but also enthusiastic about learning.

Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy has summer child care programs for young children ages 2 to 4 years. We are excited to teach your children and help them with their early education. For more information regarding our programs or to book a tour, call us at


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