Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach
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Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach

Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach

Get Ready Set Grow is one of the best Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach with programs for every child under Kindergarten age. Our programs are made to cater to each stage of your child’s development, giving them not only the knowledge and information they need to have a great education but also the freedom to be creative and learn their own way. Our Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach is not only for 3 and 4 year olds, though, we also have programs that gets parents involved as well.

For example, our Mommy and Me classes are made so that a child can start developing social skills while still bonding with their mother at such a crucial time for the both of them. This way, a child can begin interacting with the world while having their best support system there to help them through it. The children get to play with one another and greatly develop their social skills with other kids around them, which allows them to let their imagination and creativity run free.

These classes are equally important for new mothers. It’s a great opportunity for them to feel like they can leave the house as well as not miss out on crucial milestones in their baby’s life. They can even share tips and have conversations with mothers they can relate to, making it not only a supportive space for the child, but for even for the mom!

In the case where parents need to work full time, they want to make sure that they leave their children at a safe and reliable place as well.

The security measures at Get Ready, Set, Grow Academy include:

  • Security Guard on premises

  • Every teacher has been professionally trained and is equipped with an Immediate Response Panic Device for immediate police response

  • Our staff is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR

  • Secure perimeter fence around entire school

  • Video surveillance of perimeter and all entrances to the building

  • Secure entry system to classroom areas

  • Strict drop-off and pick-up policies and procedures

  • Federal, state and local law enforcement screening of all personnel

  • Telephones in each classroom, in addition to a public address/intercom system

  • Fire drills held on a regular basis to familiarize students and staff with safe exit routes and procedures

        Get Ready Set Grow is a Preschool and Daycare in Palm Beach that is  happy to welcome any new and returning students to our programs. If you would like a tour of our facility or have any questions, feel free to call us at 561-865-2201.

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