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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Kidokinetics in Preschool Programs

It is the desire of every parent to have an active kid at school. Preparing a child for school while their young is the best way to get them an early start. A preschool program will equip a kid with what it takes to become an academically active student. It has been proven that enrolling kids in preschool programs play a vital role in a kid’s educational life. This enrollment gives equal opportunities when they join a traditional grade school setting. Get Ready Set Grow is undoubtedly the best learning center. This center has one of the best and excellent preschool programs. We offer early learning programs, camps, and extracurricular activities for kids 2 through pre-kindergarten. Children in our program will have access to a lot of benefits as explained below.

  • Preparing Children For Formal A Education
  • Provide Equal Opportunities
  • Community Benefits
  • Narrow The Achievement Gaps
  • Offer Private Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Prepare Children For Formal Education

Our aim is to prepare children for the environment and, the type of learning that happens in a formal schooling. Kids will learn a lot including reciting ABCs, playing, singing, raising their hands, clapping and much more. This daycare offers more than just supervision. This is a daycare program where children can excel and grow.

Equal Opportunity

Preschools program or pre-kindergarten allows children to have equal opportunities. It has been proven that students who were not enrolled in preschool programs stay behind. Children should have a good start in their education journey, and they should be provided equal opportunities by enrolling them in preschool programs. This program influences a child’s ability to thrive and develop relevant discipline.

Community Benefits

Preschool programs do not only provide educational benefits but also community benefits. Children will learn how to relate to other kids and parents. They will develop the relevant discipline that is required of every kid. It allows children to realize their full potential, become productive, and keep focus. Preschool programs have a lot of benefits for kids. It will also make it easier for the teacher to teach kids when they join kindergarten.

Narrow Achievement Gap

It is very important for a child to enter kindergarten with all the proper knowledge and skills. If a child did not pass through preschool programs or pre-k, they will have a difficult time catching up with other kids who passed through the program. The teacher will have difficulties in helping the child catch up with others. Pre-k prepares children for kindergarten and gives them an opportunity to learn more about school life.

Get Ready Set Grow Academy

Get Ready Set Grow Academy is South Florida’s premier pre-kindergarten program. Children who are enrolled in our preschool program adjust to kindergarten better and have a solid foundation to start their academic journey. Call Get Ready Set Grow at (561) 349-4308 today to enroll and reserve a spot.

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