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Choosing A Daycare Based On Your Child’s Age

The best Delray Beach daycare programs have educational standards and lesson plans developed based on age groups. It is important for daycare centers to have varied lesson plans for different age groups because a single years age difference often means a huge difference in a child’s abilities. Get Ready Set Grow Academy (GRSG) is one of the largest and most advanced daycare centers in Delray Beach. We proudly educate children with intentional activities for their age and their individual developmental needs.

Daycare for Children Under 2

Transitioning into a daycare program can be a lot for a child that is not even 2 yet. To make this transition easier, GRSG has a program designed specifically for children who are under 2 years old and have never been in a daycare program. By including parents in this transition, it allows a sense of comfort while the children get accustomed to a new environment. The goal is that within a few weeks, the children will be comfortable playing and learning for several hours without the presence of their parent or guardian. Some of the activities that are used for children in this age group include practicing the alphabet, simple counting, and identifying shapes and colors.

Daycare for 2 & 3-Year-Olds

The transition into daycare can be difficult for children who are ages 2 or 3 as well. With affection, attention, and care the transition can be made exciting and fun. We understand that every child has unique needs and we are happy to accommodate these needs to ease their transition. For children at the age of 2, our curriculum focuses on identifying numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. 2-year-olds will also work on their fine motor skills through art classes and block building activities. When you are looking for a daycare center for your 2 or 3-year-old, GRSG should be your first stop. The curriculum for 3-year-olds builds on the learning that happens at age 2. Activities that 3-year-olds will take part in at GRSG include introductory writing, alphabet mastery, and basic phonics.

Daycare for 4-Year-Olds

Daycare for 4-year-olds is a little different than daycare for younger children. Four is the age that parents are encouraged to enroll their child in a pre-kindergarten program. In fact, there are many programs that are funded by the national and state government to ensure every child has access to a pre-k program. If you are looking for a daycare program for your 4-year old, consider enrolling them in our pre-kindergarten program at GRSG. Pre-K students will be prepared to enter grade school by focusing on building a foundation in reading, writing, and math. They will also further develop their social and emotional skills.

The Best Daycare Center in Delray Beach, FL

GRSG is a childcare and learning center that is dedicated to educating children living in or around Delray Beach, FL. Our 18,000  square foot program has multiple daycare programs for children 18 months until they are old enough to enter kindergarten. Every lesson plan at GRSG is created based on a curriculum set forth for your child’s age and specific developmental needs. Schedule a visit to learn more about our daycare center in Delray Beach today by calling (561) 513-5884.

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