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Childcare Center Preschool Programs For Every Age

The best childcare center for your child will offer a variety of daycare and preschool programs to ensure their needs are met. Every child and family will have different needs and requirements when it comes to childcare.

Your child may benefit from a Spring Break program or a year-round extended care program. Fortunately, Get Ready, Set, Grow offers a variety of programs that can give your child the chance to grow in a safe and engaging environment.

Our preschool center is designed for age-appropriate learning and interaction for every child in our care. Below are some of the programs we offer. If you are ready to schedule a visit with our Delray Beach preschool, please contact Get Ready, Set, Grow today. 

Year-Round Childcare Center Programs

Under 2-Years Old Program: Our transitional daycare programs for children under two can help prepare toddlers for the transition into preschool. The program is great for setting a routine for young children by allowing parents to sit in for the first several weeks. 

2-Year-Old Preschool: The first time most kids attend preschool on their own can be frightening and overwhelming. Our daycare programs for 2-year olds includes age-appropriate games and classes that can help kids become comfortable in a classroom setting. In this program, kids can also learn early independence and interacting with others. 

3-Year-Old Preschool Program: Our preschool programs for 3-year olds focus on teaching letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. It is in this program that children are prepared for formal education including pre-kindergarten. 

Pre-Kindergarten Program: One of the greatest benefits of our pre-kindergarten program is giving children the confidence to enter grade school. We prepare our students for kindergarten by focusing on basic addition, pre-reading, and counting. By learning these skills, kids will have greater success when they enter kindergarten. 

Seasonal Daycare Camps

Get Ready, Set, Grow offers Summer Camp daycare programs that provide enriching activities. Our exciting camp program is available as half or full-day options for three, four, or five days a week. Get Ready, Set, Grow’s Summer Camp program offers fun activities like magic shows, special events, and more. 

Extended Childcare Options

Our childcare center is proud to also offer families year-round extended care options for parents with busy schedules. The early drop-off and extended day programs can offer you peace of mind while we care for your child. While they are in our care, you can rest assured that their needs are being met in a safe and engaging environment. 

Please contact Get Ready, Set, Grow at 561-865-2223 to learn more about how we can provide your child with the top care available.

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