Why choose us over a Day Care Center?

Why choose us over a Day Care Center?

When you send your child to a daycare center, they are typically put in large groups where they spend most of their day either playing inside or playing outside.  Depending on their age, they may watch movies, play in a designated playground area, take a nap, and then wake up to eat and play some more.

The difference between your normal day care environment and Get Ready Set Grow Academy, is that we are a well-organized, educational facility that provides your child with structured activities as well as a custom curriculum geared towards growth and enrichment.  Our programs aren’t just thrown together on-demand.  We have researched and proven our teaching methods and child care techniques since our doors opened over 25 years ago.

Every age-group from “under two year olds” to our pre-kindergarten group, have their own customized curriculum to match the learning needs of that particular group.

Although our schedules are flexible, we make sure to adhere to general classroom routines and that will not only make things run smoother at home, but will also help in transitioning your child from pre-school to kindergarten.

Low student-to-teacher ratios also help foster better learning environments.  For this reason, we keep our student-to-teacher ratios low – at no more than 6 children per teacher.  Low student-to-teacher ratios also make for a safer environment and ensures that each child in our care receives the attention that they need and deserve.

These are just a few of the reasons why the Get Ready Set Grow Academy is preferred in comparison to traditional daycare centers.

We encourage parents to come in and tour our facility so you can see for yourself why we’re the best option for your child.  Contact our Preschool and book your tour today!

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