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Kids and Biting

One thing about kids is that they have tempers and are quick to show their emotions. Whether it’s laughing, crying, or in this case biting. This behavior is especially befitting in a setting with many other kids like a daycare. Any day care sitter that says they’ve never experienced a problem like biting before is most likely lying.

Children can get in disputes with each other over the littlest things. Timmy took my favorite color block so I’m going to pull his hair and bite him. Infact, if I don’t get my way I just might bite the daycare sitter and maybe my mom. Before you know it a bad habit has started. That is unacceptable and needs to be nipped in the bud.

The best solution for this is to keep a close monitored eye on the children and to intervene when problems can arise. By reassuring good behavior like sharing and then rewarding it the amount of bad behavior will be on a decline.

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