Preschool in Boca Raton

Kids & Allergies

Allergies are a serious concern and there is a sense of comfort knowing that a daycare is capable of handling not only your child’s allergies but multiple children’s allergies.

A child with a severe peanut allergy needs to go to the hospital. Children with diabetes need to have an epi pen readily available. The same goes for children allergic to bee stings. Whatever the problem there should be a written record that a day care has on each child and there should be a locked medical supply for use in case of emergencies.

Some allergies could be dormant until something triggers them. That is when you want to know that the daycare you have choose is capable of getting in touch with the parents and handling the problem. There should always be someone available that understands the symptoms of an outbreak / allergy attack and can take the child to the hospital in case of emergency.

Make sure your preschoolers teacher and staff are aware of your child’s allergies.

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