Most Trusted Pre-School in Delray Beach
2023 Delray Beach Summer Camp, Most Trusted Pre-School in Delray Beach

Most Trusted Pre-School in Delray Beach

In the heart of Palm Beach County, where the vibrant communities of Delray Beach and Boca Raton converge, lies a haven of early learning that has set the benchmark for preschool education. Get Ready Set Grow Academy, renowned as the most trusted pre-school in Delray Beach, offers a nurturing environment where young minds are inspired to grow, explore, and excel.

A Legacy of Excellence and Trust

For over three decades, Get Ready Set Grow Academy has been recognized for its commitment to providing exceptional early education. Our accolades, including the prestigious Apple Accreditation and the Florida Gold Seal for Quality Care, are a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. As a beacon of trust and quality in preschool education, we take pride in creating a foundation that supports lifelong learning.

A Curriculum Designed for Success

At Get Ready Set Grow, we believe that every child is unique, with boundless potential waiting to be unlocked. Our comprehensive academic curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards of Palm Beach County preschools. Our experienced team of educators is committed to fostering a love for learning, ensuring that our students are not only prepared for kindergarten but are also set on a path of academic and personal success.

Beyond Academics: Nurturing the Whole Child

Understanding the importance of holistic development, Get Ready Set Grow offers an enriching Extended Daycare Program, accommodating the needs of working parents while providing children with a secure and stimulating environment. Our weekly specials, including Yoga, Spanish, Art, and Music, are carefully curated to nurture the physical, emotional, and creative aspects of every child, making learning an enjoyable and multifaceted experience.

A Community of Care and Support

What truly sets Get Ready Set Grow apart is our community-oriented approach. Our beautifully decorated campus is more than just a setting for learning; it’s a place where children feel loved, valued, and understood. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every child receives the individual attention they deserve, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence that extends beyond the classroom.

Hear It from Our Happy Families

The accolades of Get Ready Set Grow Academy are echoed in the voices of our satisfied parents and thriving students. Jessica Campion, a proud parent, shares her experience: “This school is as good as it gets! My 5-year-old just graduated and has been doing amazing in kindergarten due to the accelerated pre-K program at GRSG. My 4-year-old is still attending GRSG and is starting to read! The school has such a special way of combining academics and fun… I highly recommend this school!”

Join the Get Ready Set Grow Family

Choosing the right pre-school is a decision that shapes your child’s future. At Get Ready Set Grow Academy, we invite you to become part of a community that values excellence, nurtures growth, and celebrates every milestone of your child’s early years. Whether you opt for partial or full-day care, your child will embark on an educational journey filled with discovery, joy, and unparalleled support.

Experience the difference at Get Ready Set Grow Academy, where we’re not just preparing children for school—we’re preparing them for life. Visit us on the border of Delray Beach and Boca Raton and see why we are celebrated as the most trusted pre-school in Delray Beach. Your child’s journey to a bright future starts here.

Most Trusted Pre-School in Delray Beach

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