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Pre-Kindergarten Program

How To Know Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

If your child needs a bit more experience before you are comfortable letting them go to kindergarten, taking them to a preschool in Boca Raton will help them become more self-sufficient in a safe but structured environment. Get Ready Set Grow is a top-rated preschool in Boca Raton that many parents find great success when bringing their children to us. Knowing when the right time to take a child to preschool is important for making them feel comfortable as well as maximizing everything they’ll be able to learn.

Some of the Core Skills Necessary for Preschool

Being able to express oneself is important for being out in the world. While understanding or portraying articulate language isn’t necessary, they need to be able to follow instructions or communicate with the teachers and other children.

Potty training may not be required for all children who go to preschool, but it is certainly required by some preschools. Accidents happen, and preschool teachers understand that. However, being potty-trained is a good indicator that a child can handle being away from home.

Is The Child Capable Of Being Away From Their Family?

Independence is another important indicator that children are ready to make the first step in fitting in at school. They will need to complete many activities by themselves. Not only do they need to create things on their own, but they won’t be the center of attention at all times. Letting them be by themselves more often and not attending to their cries immediately will help to prepare them for preschool.

If the child is still taking long naps in the morning and afternoon they may not be ready to focus on an activity for an extended amount of time. The average activity in preschool takes around 10-20 minutes. If that is too long for them to concentrate on, waiting until they have more mental stamina will better prepare them to go to preschool. Preschools do provide nap time, but there is a difference between being able to take a nap whenever and having a set time of the day when naps take place.

If the child is too emotionally attached to a parent they may cry whenever they are not present. If a child is crying nonstop at the absence of their parent, they will be a distraction to the rest of the children. While anxiety and tears are normal for the first few days, they may not be ready if the crying persists.

If you feel your child is ready to take on the challenge of preschool, then consider taking them to Get Ready Set Grow. We pride ourselves on our love for growing children and preparing them for the next step. You can rest easy knowing that your child will have a quality and welcoming place to learn and have fun at Get Ready Set Grow. Call us at 561-865-2223 to learn more about our preschool programs.

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