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Delray Preschool Center

Delray Preschool Center

Get Ready Set grow Academy is proud  to say we are certainly #1 , and We are the foremost Delray Preschool Center, Florida. We are located on the Delray Beach border, near Boca Raton and Florida. We provide quality programs for children from 2 to 12 years old. We offer 2-year-old programs, 3-year-old programs, and a pre-kindergarten program. Students at our facilities receive a complete education. We want to help them succeed in school!

In order to offer daycare during the Pre-K year in Delray, we do not operate a year-round program. However, we do offer summer daycare from June to August. As long as Pre-K is not in session during summer, we will still be there for your child’s daycare needs. Even though we do not stop learning, we try to be constantly improving at GRSG Academy, we believe that we really do learn something every day. We know how it feels to be a working parent, that’s why our programs are created with working families in mind.

Educators should be well-trained in educational techniques, but they should also have experience in a range of other subjects, including how to interact with kids. The other important aspect of caring for young children is the need to be compassionate and understanding, which is also essential for working as a childcare employee or preschool teacher. Our employees are there to educate and supervise your children compassionately. Education is vitally important, but the quality of the people who are interacting with your children is even more important.

It is critical that you know your children’s safety is top priority at No quality daycare and pre-k facility. Our campus is constantly guarded by a security guard, and we also have staff who are knowledgeable about first aid and CPS. The CCTV system is constantly surveilling the campus, and we have a perimeter fence to keep the campus secure. We follow strict standards when it comes to pickup and drop-off, and we also give our children fire safety tips through fire drills. We know once you take a tour of Get Ready Set  Grow Academy and meet  our friendly staff, that you’ll see just as everyone else does how incredible our Delray Preschool Center really is!

We are proud of the fact that more than 25 years has passed since one of Palm Beach County’s best preschools was founded. These days, we offer a variety of appealing programs and activities year-round. We recommend that you visit one of our top preschools! We are conveniently positioned on the Boca Raton and Delray Beach borders. Call us today at 561-865-2223 or use our online form.

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