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Childcare Program Options with GRSG

Finding the right Childcare Program that meets the needs of both you and your children can be difficult, but with GRSG that is made easy!

Within Palm Beach county- specifically those in the greater Boca Raton and Delray Beach areas- We have done our best to ensure that these children are set into the proper childcare program, of which we have many available.  We have been operating for over 20 years, and one thing we’ve seen for sure is that today’s world is getting faster, and more demanding on the career aspects of parents than it ever has in the past.  More often than ever before, both parents and single parents must work longer hours and keep tighter schedules to keep up with the pace at which today’s world moves. This means that more than ever, Daycare Programs need to be available to children of various ages, including very early childhood, as more and more parents are finding they must spend more and more time at work regardless of the age of their children. It’s good then to know that there is a place you can trust with the education, well-being, and social development of your children without worry. Read on to learn more about some of the programs we offer- and come back soon to see our next article which will cover even more of these programs

Daycare Programs:

  • 1 Year Olds – Our toddler program was designed with your child’s senses and their proper development in mind. Toddlers are in a stage of life where they use all of their senses to move objects around, explore the world, and learn about it in their own way. A key area in this program is to help your toddler learn to express themselves, practice new skills and embrace new experiences
  • Just Under 2 – This is a phase in which toddlers are transitioning to pre-schoolers. In these programs, parents are not only allowed o participate in many of the activities we have planned but in fact, actively encouraged to do so.
  • 2 Year Olds – The child is now in the first phases of pre-school. In this program’s curriculum, we focus heavily on the children’s social development. They will also learn how to identify letters, numbers, and colors!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you come in and take a tour of our facility, we know when you meet our caring friendly staff you’ll have found the place you’re comfortable with the well being of your children. Our next article will have more info on some of our other Daycare Programs. For more information, or to schedule an appointment please call: 561-865-2223

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