1-Year-Old Preschool Program
1 Year Old Preschool Program, 1-Year-Old Preschool Program, 2023 Delray Beach Summer Camp

1-Year-Old Preschool Program

At Get Ready Set Grow, we understand the importance of early childhood education and the unique needs of every young learner. Our “1-Year-Old Preschool Program,” specifically designed for toddlers transitioning into a structured learning environment, reflects our commitment to fostering early development in a nurturing and engaging setting.

Great Beginnings: A Foundation for Future Learning

Transitioning into Preschool: Our Great Beginnings program caters to 1-year-olds who are on the cusp of turning two. Recognizing this crucial developmental phase, the program is tailored to assist children in adapting to new social interactions and learning activities.

Parental Involvement: Understanding the significance of this transition, we invite parents to participate with their children during the first six weeks. This approach helps toddlers adapt more comfortably to the new environment, easing the transition into a drop-off program in the subsequent months.

Expanding Horizons: The 2-Year-Old Preschool Program

Stimulating Curriculum: As children grow, our 2-year-old program introduces them to an exciting curriculum. This includes identifying numbers, colors, shapes, and letters through fun and educational activities. Hands-on experiences with paints, puzzles, blocks, and crayons encourage the development of motor skills.

Extracurricular Enrichment: Our Boca Raton and Delray Beach preschool extends beyond the classroom with activities like foreign language classes, sports, martial arts, and dance. These extracurriculars are instrumental in holistic development, contributing to physical and cognitive growth.

The 3-Year-Old Preschool Program: Building Essential Skills

Focus on Fundamentals: Our program for 3-year-olds intensifies focus on learning essentials such as alphabet recognition and handwriting, incorporating the ‘Handwriting Without Tears’ program. Group and individual activities are strategically integrated to enhance social skills and interaction.

Advanced Learning Techniques: This stage also introduces children to more complex concepts, such as basic geometry, color recognition, and number values. Our approach is to balance learning with fun, ensuring children enjoy their educational journey.

Pre-K Program: Preparing for the Next Big Step

Classroom Rotation Experience: In our Pre-Kindergarten program, students experience classroom rotation, allowing teachers to utilize their specialized training effectively. This method prepares students for the more structured learning environment they will encounter in kindergarten.

Focus on Advanced Learning: Pre-K students engage in activities designed to recognize sight words, develop reading skills, and enhance communication through storytelling. The curriculum includes foundational mathematics, science, computer skills, and more, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Extended Daycare Program: Flexibility and Enrichment

Customizable Care Options: Understanding the diverse needs of families, our Extended Day Program offers flexible drop-off and pick-up times, coupled with educational and engaging activities. This program is perfect for parents seeking a balance between their work schedules and their child’s educational needs.

Enrichment Classes: Beyond regular daycare, we offer enrichment classes like computer, art, soccer, and science. These classes are designed to expand and strengthen the children’s knowledge and interests in a playful, interactive setting.

1-Year-Old Preschool Program

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